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"The retainer fee paid via the Internet can be paid by check or credit card.  Both of these require the use of a third party verification service, in this case,  You must register and provide information to them to ensure that you are the person paying the fee and it is from verifiable funds. 

You are not charged an additional fee for using  With a payment by electronic check or credit card, lawyer and client both agree that these funds are a prepayment for immediate compensation for the lawyer’s commitment to perform future services, e.g., a flat-fee agreement, the funds are the property of the lawyer and may be deposited in the lawyer’s operating or business account. will remit payment to this office to be deposited in said account.

If you do not wish to enter into this arrangement, then you are welcome to mail a check. 

Online payment will take place only after Attorney and Client have entered into an agreement concerning fees.”